iPhone Apps Development—Setup Your App Part 3

28/12/2012 11:08

In part 2 of this series we have seen coding part of iPhone Apps Development and in this part 3 we will explore further development steps in iPhone apps development.

Testing Phase in iPhone apps development

When you finished coding once you need to test it thoroughly as well as frequently so you can eliminate all possible mistakes or bugs in your coding. If this you can do better, but if project is big and you are working with a team then you should have well qualified and experienced QA persons applying appropriate and latest testing methods. For iPhone testing begins with the use of simulator which comes with iPhone SDK and mimic an iPhone device of your choice/version and working on your Mac.

In order to start testing choose Simulator in iPhone SDK and Debug from the drop down list. Now press the “Build & Run” icon. Now your iPhone simulator will launch your app on simulator and start running so you could see the bugs or error with error messages in simulator. Now start tracking error messages one by one and try to solve them. After finishing in simulator go to iPhone device testing because Simulator want gives you correct ideas about some functionalities like accelerometer and GPS. Now connect your iPhone device with your Mac through USB or Bluetooth.

Now in SDK choose Device and Debug in the drop down list in the toolbar and click on “Build & Run” icon, after few seconds you app will launch on iPhone and you can thoroughly testing its all functionalities to ensure 100% bug free and perform as per your expectations.

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