iPhone Apps—Supreme in the Market

20/11/2012 12:03

Recent study shows that iPhone apps generate over three times more revenue in the App store for iPhone than they do in the Google play for Android. This indicates the success of iPhone Apps and App store at present moment.

When we try to go in depth to find out the real causes for this difference we have certain conclusions to draw. The first thing is:

-> Easy Access

If you are an iPhone user you can easily access the App store for downloading free as well as paid iPhone apps. It is just click away in both cases. The most important thing is that App store refresh its content regularly and place top hundred free as well as paid apps separately so users tempted to search apps daily to find out something new. Whilst in Google play updates taken after one month so they lag behind to get continuous revenue.

-> Content

It is interesting when content volume was measured in both markets. In Google play percentage of apps were lower which also find in App store while in App store percentage were higher in App store of the apps which also found in Google play. This directly indicates that more developers are take interest in App store than Google play and this is may be due to revenue distribution policy of App store.

-> Payment

When you approach App store for downloading you need to have Apple ID and that is not possible without any payment credentials and that is also compulsory for free download. Therefore, users have ease to buy paid application later on when using free iPhone apps with limited features. This again contributes in more revenue generation as Google play don’t need any payment option for free download while paid download is cumbersome experience without the option of PayPal like easy payment method.

In short, iPhone apps are most favorite among the masses compare to other markets.

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